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(Banquet Hall Management System)

Vel-Benq - Banquet Management System

VEL-BANQ helps you to manage the activities, booking and billing process in most efficient manner. It helps you to reduce time and make you to focus on activities which will add value to your business. It Create packages, define menu, buffet management and even quotation, allowing your banquet to operate independently while being part of your restaurant.It was developed specifically to manage the unique needs of convention and conference hotel property.

Benefits :

  • Helps you to save and follow up on saved enquiries
  • Helps you to manage multiple halls at once
  • Save event information, payment information
  • Give guest feedback and observation report after every event
  • Track activities from hall enquiries to billing , cancellation etc
  • Give complete information of event on one click from event information to billing
  • Give business performance by our well defined KPI’s
  • Make transparency of cash flows into system
  • Helps you to personalized the guest services
  • Simplifies billing process

We make Customers not Sales.