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(Cable Management System)


Vel-Cable is a Mobile Application with Combination of Cable billing, Complaint, Plans and Employee Management System in One Application. Employees can know there day-to-day tasks and their regular performance by seeing their dashboard. Customer Application Consisting of Complaint Management System and They Can track their complaint Status and it helps the Cable Service Providers to resolve the issue as early as possible.

What are the Advantages if You Use our application :

  • Collection Management Become more Easier for employees and Organization
  • Complaint Management will be very helpful for Customers to Track and Employees to Resolve the issue quickly.
  • Effective Dashboard will give you the complete clarity about complaints, Payments, Connections, Plans Details and etc.
  • Online Payment Facility will be provided for the Customer Application if Organization Needed.
  • SMS Alerts to Customers and Managements during the Transactions and on Regular Time Intervals before the Payment generation and complaint registration (If needed)
  • Single point of Tracking on all the Features.
  • Single Application for Management and employees
  • App Facility for Customer for raising complaints and Paying the Bill online(If Management Needed)
  • Monitoring of Employees day-to-day reports and Activities.
  • Complete Paperless Transactions and Online Management of Organization.

What are the Disadvantages if You Don’t Use our application :

  • Payment Management Become is Not is Easy way.
  • Tracing of Monthly Collection Reports.
  • Tracking of Individual Employee day-to-day reports and Activities.
  • Lack of Management extensibility.
  • Customer, Employee and Management Communication.
  • Fraud Occurrence in Cash Management and etc.
  • Complaint Management become Complex.
  • Traditional Paper Work on Bill Payments and Account Maintenance.

We make Customers not Sales.