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(Enquiry Management System)

Vel-EMS - Enquiry Management System

Enquiries are the crucial for any business and they provide opportunity to increase your customer base , helps in customer retention. Most Enquiry types would form the provision of products or services from perspective or existing clients.

VEL-EMS will provide an platform to efficiently manage enquiries and make you to follow up time to time.VEL-EMS offers a solid foundation from which you can easily manage business generation. Enquiries begin with initial contact and information recording. The progression of each enquiry is monitored and tracked via the range of tools available within the VEL-EMS, including action recording, scheduling of event and production of quotations.

Benefits :

  • Helps you to identify uncontacted customer or give priority leads
  • Helps in reduce marketing and operational cost due to proper plan in VELEMS
  • It save time in managing enquiries
  • Helps you to achieve your sales target
  • Simple design helps you to save time while entering data and focus on what you want
  • Know about your products enquiries
  • Enable you to Manage Enquiries Of Any Type
  • Track Progression From Initiation To Completion
  • Report Upon Enquiry Source And Other Fields
  • Save Communication Details
  • Schedule Follow Up Tasks
  • Extends To Quotation System For Simplicity
  • Search And Retrieve Enquiry Details Instantly

We make Customers not Sales.