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(Restaurant Management System)

Vel-Foods - Restaurant Management System

Vel-Foods helps you to manage small to big restaurants involving operations like billing, accounting to food cost. It take centralized control over all operations with command on menu items, rates, control over stocks and inventory management of individual restaurants.

Vel-foods reports offer a unique opportunity to receive summarized reports of your hotel and restaurant which focus on added value KPI. The sophisticated inventory and stock management module of VEL-FOODS enable you to manage the stock.

Benefits :

  • Summarized dashboard view which helps you have one shot look on restaurant
  • Reports which focus on revenue and KPI’S
  • Get summary in form of messages after every session
  • Shows inventory level time to time
  • Helps you to never go out of stock by inventory management
  • Helps to use the human resource more efficiently
  • Helps you to have proper table reservation
  • Helps you to keep track of bills in different category
  • Take feedback and give analysis on it
  • Helps in keep customers in touch by CRM
  • Split bill as per customer requirement
  • Track orders

We make Customers not Sales.