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(Hotel Management System)

Vel-Rooms - Hotel Management System

In today Competitive world, the hotel industry need to understand that communication is the key to everything. Any difference in guest check in process to converting data to information give the competitive edge over others. Velrooms will give all benefits and features to hotel.

VELROOMS is a system which facilities the management of hotel operations and functions such as front office, sales, Housekeeping. The VELROOMS has been designed for small and medium hotels It streamline the administrative task across various departments

Benefits :

  • Reduce Time spent on administrative tasks
  • Increase online presence by our digital marketing
  • Build relationships with guest through our email & sms modules
  • Manage your revenue by giving accountable of cash inflow & outflows
  • Increase booking by dashboard which give summary of rooms
  • Automate the hotel operations such as checkout messages, remainder display
  • Simple dashboard user interface give all details from rooms to cash flows
  • Helps you to predict and analyze customer flows
  • Single click invoice print as per customer requirement
  • Reports give deeper insight on revenue, guest behaviour, cash flows
  • KPI give the detail insight report on hotel performance
  • Accept group reservations and multiple check in on single reservation
  • Tell daily task to housekeeping department
  • Helps you to use resource efficiently
  • Print invoices as per your requirement with complete Tax descriptions
  • Reduce human errors such as prevent duplicate entries
  • Management can make market segmentation
  • Simplifies the front office tasks
  • Helps in keep track of customers from reservations to checkouts

We make Customers not Sales.