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(Hostel Management System)

Vel-Stay - Hostel Management System

VELSTAY developed to manage the various activities in the hostel from checking to monthly payments to maintain rooms.It helps you to drive more reservations,makes more organized and generate more revenue. By using VELSTAY, hostel owners can spend less time on paper and can do other task which will add value to their business.

Benefits :

  • Allows you to choose room as per choice
  • Keep track of cash flows in the system
  • Make maintains work easily by showing rooms status
  • Eliminates overbooking
  • Give various type of reports from production to daily activity reports
  • Helps in tracking on inventory
  • Print invoices as per your requirement with complete descriptions
  • Increase booking by dashboard which give summary of rooms
  • Reduce Time spent on administrative tasks
  • Increase online presence by our digital marketing
  • Monitor visitors/parents entry and exit
  • Make a plan/ price as per your choice
  • Maintain records of all customers
  • Keep track on all enquiries made for room
  • Simple design makes it user friendly

We make Customers not Sales.